6 tips to avoid genital warts

Female genital warts or HPV can actually win over women's self-esteem, especially when it comes to dating. While some young and happy women with this STD may not be considered annoying, others may feel as if their very existence has destroyed their chances for a relatively normal sexual relationship. Do not even tell how horrible the little fools can look like, but the medical procedures can be ... very unpleasant. It's ... stressful. Well, ladies, the truth is, we are more prone to develop HPV, so the least we can do for the unlikely cause of the diagnosis is to rise to face it. This does not have to mean the end of your love life. Here are some tips on how to continue a healthy life.

Be informed

First of all, it is very important that you look at the end of the Internet, the dusty cracks of bookshelves in the libraries, and every brochure of your doctor, you know everything about the virus. The better you educate, the easier you will be to inform your partner or future partners and answer their questions. While gaining this knowledge, make sure you learn the facts and stay out of myths and exaggerations.

Post your status

As with any other sexually transmitted disease, it is important to inform your partner of your condition. If the roles were reversed, you would appreciate it. This may seem frightening, especially if it's a new partner. First of all, although you should not be in a hurry at first, you should do it for some comfort. Preferably it is not before it is inserted into the bag. First of all, you want to build trust with this person, because we can be honest ... we do not have any sense to release it in the first place. Also, with your new knowledge, you should feel comfortable and sure to explain and answer your questions.


The truth is scary, although condoms can reduce the risk of HPV, they do not provide complete protection. Virus can affect areas that are not condom covered, although this is highly recommended, it remains a risk. This also applies to oral sex.


This is always an option. There are vaccines for men and women that will protect against most genital warts (namely Cervarix for women and Gardasil for women and men). It is important that you are informed about them so you can submit your proposal to your partner.

What is your number?

This may be a good reason why it is very violent. Limiting the number of people who have physical contact would not be a bad idea. If you are in a relationship, we recommend that you remain faithful. Also, if you have a long-term partner and found that you have HPV, there is no alarm. That does not mean you did something wrong. There should be no shame or guilt, as it is very likely that the virus has been inactive for years without symptoms. You must pass it on to your partner and know some links or websites you can manage.

Keep healthy

It's not a game for you to drink more water or eat more fruits and vegetables (though it's not bad). But in fact the best treatment for each type of illness is our immune system. Regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet will keep your immune system in peak form, increasing the likelihood that HPV will go away. Yes, even high-risk HPV can itself go away if your immune system is strong enough. So think about the next selection of Cheetos instead of yogurt in the supermarket.

In short, all these ladies do not have to panic or be abducted by the sad feelings of loneliness as if it were the end of your "professional career." The diagnosis can only take place in your procession if you allow it. Prepare, build trust and take care of your body. Do not let HPV dictate your life.